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Germany, flag

St. Jakobi, St. Jakobi, St. Jakobi, St. Jakobi, Luebeck
Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum, Bremerhaven
Delius Klasing - Heinrich Hauser film - Delius Klasing
Historischer Filmservice - Die Pamir
Feld Films
Navicula (Stamps with maritime subject)
Sail Fleet List: F. Laeisz                        Today's Fleet List
Pamir from a lifejacket company
Das Philososchiffe
Maritime Motivphilatelie
Blohm & Voss Schiffbau

Australia, flag

Autralia maps
South Australia Index
Yorke Peninsula Towns
Three South Australian Author's Books
Australian Art Sales Digest
Ships that passed
South Australia Photo's Of The Past
Days gone by page by Sea Workers' Union
Austral chartering
State Library of Victoria

New Zealand, flag

National Library of New Zealand Home Collection
Wellington City
Wellington City Maritime Heritage Trail
Wellington Floating Dock & Floating Dock
NZ Ships
NZ Maritime Museum
United Kingdom, flag

Map of Shadwell Pierhead, E1
Pamir in Falmouth, 1954
Erikson ships, Viking & L'Avenir in London Docks
Square riggers of the 1930s
Canada, flag

Mike T. Strulick
Edward Goodall
B.C. Archives Search
The Lion's Mark Home Page
Sono Nis Press - The Vancouver Voyages of the Barque Pamir
Voyage of a Merchant Sailor


A US sailor aboard (see also the book by William Stark)
San Francisco Aerial Tour
Arkansas Gazette - September 23, 1957
The Peking in New York
The Moshulu in Philadelphia

Chile, flag

La Leyenda del Oro Blanco (Spanish)
Historia del Salitre (Spanish)
The Brotherhood of Cap Horners of Chile (English & Spanish)
Pamir, Pamir (Spanish)
Finland, flag

The Åland Maritime Museum
Pommern in ┼land
Last windjammers CD-ROM


Diario de Avisos (Canarias) A movie: Noticia Noticia Noticia Film

Pamir in Sweden ; Pamir in Italy
Pamir, Pamir in Poland
Pamir, Pamir, Pamir, Pamir, Pamir, Pamir, Pamir, Pamir, Pamir, Pamir, Pamir in Germany
Wreck, Wreck, Wreck in Germany; Wreck in US?
Pamir, Pamir, Erikson, Erikson in Finland
Pamir, Pamir, Pamir, Pamir, Pamir in New Zealand
Pamir in Netherlands
Photo in 1929, 1931, 1956
Pamir discussion forum, Pamir photos on MSN
Article on Pamir, Wikipedia FR EN DE


Passat, Passat, Passat in Germany, Passat in Sweden,
Passat in Finland, Passat in France.
Article on Passat sailors, Passat Model in UK, Wikipedia EN


Padua in Germany, Padua in Sweden, Padua in Finland.
Wikipedia EN. Kruzenstern in Russia

Sedov, Sedov in Russia

Viking in Ghotenburg, Viking in London Docks

Pommern, Pommern in ┼land
General Maritime Interest

Schooners and Tall Ships
Mother-of-All Maritime Links
Old time sailing ships CD-ROM
The Marine Art Information Center
Classic Boats
Belem last french windjammer
Mark Rosenstein's ptrs
Nautic friend
Litterature & Links
Marine Directory
German Liners
Maritime Terms

Photo libraries (holding pictures of the Pamir)

State Library of Victoria, Australia
British Columbia library, Canada
Hulton Getty library, USA
National Library, New Zealand
Ship Nostalgia
7 Seas Vessels


Pamir, Pamir, Pamir
Pamir, Pamir, RC-Pamir

ModelExpo, Portal (SP), Assoc
Maritime history

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