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Hauser, Heinrich Die letzten Segelschiffe. From Hamburg to Chile.

Laufzeit : 22 Minuten

Sold by Delius Klasing

Date mistakenly indicated 1928 i/o 1930.

Short extract published by the Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum at
ISBN: 3-7688-7062-6
Hauser, Heinrich Pamir
Het laatste zeilschip

Date mistakenly indicated 1932 i/o 1930.
Heidelbach, Kaspar Der Untergang der Pamir

Zweiteiler über das am 21. September 1957 untergegangene Segelschulschiff "Pamir".

Szenario Fritz Müller-Scherz


Spieldauer: 88 Minuten
Delius Klasing Die Pamir. Die letzte Dokumentation vor der Tragödie 1957. Verschollen und wiedergefunden! Der letzte s/w-Kinofilm über die Pamir zeigt das harte und entbehrungsreiche Leben an Bord bis zu Beginn der 50er Jahre, hauptsächlich gefilmt auf der Reise 1952 nach Rio de Janeiro.

Laufzeit : 90 Minuten

Sold by Delius Klasing
1952 and 1957
ISBN: 3-7688-7115-0
Unknown Die Pamir
Poster almost certainly from above film
c. 1960
Movietone News
MANLY, SYDNEY - Slow motion GV surfing on boards and skis (two people with paddle). MS two surfers lying on boards. MCU man with paddle stands on board. MS man seated on ski board with paddle. GV slow motion of collision between ski and board as surfers recover, SLIP PAN. - DINGHY RACE, WATSON'S BAY, SYDNEY - LS dinghies in bay. GV dinghies with crowded ferry behind. MS dinghies with crews on two, the one in foreground has two boys. 2 MCUs boys on two dinghies (second has spaniel dog on board). CU spaniel. MS two boys right dinghy. MS dinghy with girl and boy crew. GV dinghies racing, SLIP PAN
Silhouette of the four masted barque Pamir. GV Pamir. LAS sails. GV Pamir leaving Sydney. MS stern of Pamir. GV Pamir. GV Pamir with steamer passing. MS Pamir with steamer behind. AV Pamir at sea (x2).
48218. 934A.
153 sec.
Movietone News
The barque Pamir arrives at Gravesend and is towed up river to London.
GV Pamir coastline background of New Zealand. CU top mast. GV as KS. Aerial shot of Pamir at sea. Tug tows Pamir up River Thames, several angle shots. Elevated shot of her at quayside. MS crew winding the capstan. Various shots of the crew at work, working aloft, on rigging etc. MS Captain Collier greets Mr and Mrs Strachey, both shaking hands. Captain is accompanied by his wife.
49598. 969A
55 sec.
Movietone News
Falmouth, and a tall ship ready to sail. She's the 50 year old barque Pamir, once on the grain run from Australia, now a German training ship.
Shots of the tall ships at Falmouth. Various shots of the barque Pamir. Shots of man going up the ropes of the Pamir. Shots of the Pamir. Shot of the Pamir out of the harbour. Shots of men along the rigging. Various shots of the Pamir out to sea.
70086A. 1450
35 sec.
Movietone News
Part 1 shows San Marino and its Communist and Christian Socialist leaders. Part 2 shows the construction of a Spanish - U.S. air base in Sargossa, Spain. Floods inundate sections of Uttar Pradesh State in India. Part 3, an armless Spanish youth paints with his feet. Part 4 shows the German sailing ship Pamir before it was caught in a hurricane and sunk. Part 5, football: Kentucky vs. Georgia Tech. A horseshoe pitching champion displays his skill. Vol. 40, No. 80. 1957. B & W. Notes 1 & 2. 35mm. 6 minutes.
Movietone News
Part 1 shows an Algerian rebel leader captured by the French. Includes panoramic views of Algiers. Part 2, Greek Minister Casimatis confers with Vice-Pres. Nixon in Wash., D.C. Survivors of the sunken German sailing ship Pamir deplane in Frankfurt, Germany. Shows construction of exhibit buildings for the 1958 Brussels World's Fair. Part 3 shows fashions. Part 4, football: Illinois vs. UCLA. Model cars race in Hannover, Ger. Vol. 40, No. 82. 1957. B & W. Notes 1 & 2. 35mm. 6 minutes
Movietone News
Part 1, Continental Boeing 707 jet liner, hijacked by Leon Bearden and his son Cody, is surrounded by officers at the El Paso airport, and captured. Part 2, French troops. man barricades in Bizerte, Tun., civilians stand in bread lines, and European refugees flee by ship, as French and Tunisians observe cease fire. Part 3 shows subs, and missile-firing cruisers and destroyers of the Russian navy on the Neva River, TU-16 "Badgers" jet bombers, carrying "Regulus I" type missiles, fly overhead. Part 4, French launch-bathyscaph, capable of descending to 40,000 feet, at Toulon, France. Part 5, Chilean barkentine Esmeralda leaves Sydney, Australia, flashbacks to Pamir and Small-hill. Part 6, Basketball: the Harlem Globetrotters play a Hung. team in Budapest. Vol. 44, No. 67. 1961. B & W. Notes 1 & 2.
NDR Die Pamir
Untergang eines Grosseglers
From German ARD TV Channel
November 2006
Princess Elizabeth & Duke visit the 4 masted barque Pamir of New Zealand. GV of 4-masted barque Pamir at dock in Shadwell basin, London. SCU of Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, Duchess of Edinburgh, heiress presumptive to the thorne of England and her husband Prince Philip, former greek prince, inspecting barque Pamir. CU of Elizabeth and party looking at charts. CU of captain pointing out places on chart and maps. SV. Sailors pulling on ropes. Semi angle shot men climbing rope ladders on barque. CU of Philip and officer watching men climb ropes, pan over to Elizabeth and party on deck, watching. CU of Elizabeth looking up while captain explains and points things out to her. Semi v. Elizabeth and party looking ship over. CU side v. of Philip looking around. SCu front v. of Elizabeth looking around ship. SV. & CU Elizabeth and party watching sailors mend sails. CU angle shot of rigging on barque Pamir. SCU of Elizabeth at wheel of boat. ??? CU of Elizabeth turning wheel. CU angle shot of barque Pamir. 03-04-48. Negative. D-370 Issue. NR.
WPA Films
Pamir Goes Down During Storm GV The Pamir in sail. CU Name Pamir Mariehamn' on the stern of the ship. SV Pamir in dock. SV Panning shot down the masts and rigging and showing the crew working on the deck below. CU Life belt with the name Pamir. LV Members of the crew climbing the rigging as they prepare to sail. AS. Ditto. SV Members of the crew hauling on rigging. SV Panning shot from sails lying on deck to members of the crew mending them. CU Member of the crew sewing part of the sail. LV Pamir in dock. SV Cadets lined up on board at a religious ceremony before sailing. CU Minister preaching SV Cadets lined up on board. CU One of the cadets. SCU Man who was Pamir's regular captain Hermann Eggers who was not on board when the ship went down. GV Pamir sailing out of harbour at the start of voyage. SV Members of the crew falling in line. SCU Ditto. SV Two cadets manning the helm. GV Pamir in sail. (Lav.) 1957. Orig. 57/78. N° 35009
WPA Films
The Pamir In Dock At Shadwell Basin Framed. Ls the Pamir in dock at Shadwell basin framed through a porthole ms ls sailors climbing down mast. Ms sailors climbing masts. Ls general view of the ship from top of mast. Ms girls on quay swing to crew waving from stern of the ship. S.Cu sailor washing deck. Ms Pamir lifebelt swing to 3rd mate. Cu sailmaking. Ms stowing sails in locker. Ls sailmaking pan to workers from heaped sails on deck. Cu sailmaking. Ls to cu pan down from masts to stern of ship showing name and port of registration. Ls masts pan down to ship on quayside. Ms Pamir under way. Yachts and small craft on either side of the ship. Ms ls Pamir being towed stern first. Ls small sailing barque. Ms pan down from Pamir's mast to tug towing her. Ls Pamir being towed stern first. N.B. None of these shots show the Pamir with sails unfurled. The Pamir sails for the return to NZ. 1925. G. N° 289014 (taken in 48/49)
WPA Films
The New Zealand Barque Pamir In London Docks. The new zealand barque Pamir in London docks. Ms ls Princess Elizabeth at wheel of ship. Ms Elizabeth and the captain with others look-ing up. Ms the Pamir in dock. Ms Elizabeth and Philip arriving and shaking hands with the captain. Ms going up the gangplank pan to rigging. Ms captain and Elizabeth watching sailors repairing sails. Philip in background. S.Cu Elizabeth captain and others talking to men repairing sails. Ms Elizabeth and Philip and others on bridge pan up rigging. Cu Elizabeth and captain looking up pan up rigging. Ls pan down rigging to Elizabeth and captain standing on the bridge. Ms back view Elizabeth and others looking over bridge rail pan to men climbing up rigging. Cu bows of the Pamir. S. Cu Elizabeth, Philip and the captain and others looking at charts. Mute lav. Cuts 48/21. Elizabeth and Philip visit the Pamir. 1920. B. N° 289013 (taken in 48/49)
WPA Films
General Shot Of The Pamir Tugs Etc. Cu general shot of the Pamir tugs etc. Before leaving. Mv. Tug pulling Pamir small sailing boat in distance. Cu Pamir pulling away. Cape Horn bound. 1948. Orig. 48-34. N° 289971
WPA Films
Lv The Pamir. Mv. Barrels Of Cement Swinging. Lv the Pamir. Mv. Barrels of cement swinging aboard. Mv. Winch-men. Cu hatchman signalling. Lv top shot of cargo coming down hold. Mv. Pan of capstan to sailmakers at work. Cu gilvert jacobs mending sails. Mv. Bread going aboard. Mv. Hosing down decks. Cu george gunn turns round. Cu girl waving. Mv. Gangway swin-ging out. Cu casting off lines. Cu general shot of ship tugs etc before leaving. Mv. Tug pulling Pamir small sailing boat in distance. Cu sailing boat. Cu Pamir pulling away. Cape Horn bound. 1948. Orig. 48-34. N° 289792
WPA Films
Pamir Sails for Return trip to NZ. Ms the Pamir lifebelt swing to 3rd mate. The Pamir sails for the return trip to new zealand. Mute neg. 1925. G. N° 287427. (taken 1949)
WPA Films
Blessing the german merchantile marine training ship Pamir (Hamburg). Ls the Pamir alongside. Ls Pamir pulling out. (Mute lav.) 1952. Orig. 2413. E. N° 289614
WPA Films
Pamir Survivors Come Home. Pamir survivors come home (see card - disasters - shipwrecks) lav. (Orig. Track h) 1957. Orig. 57/80. N° 289771
Feldfilms ...And Above Us the Stars (On Board the Statsraad Lehmkuhl)

The age of the great sailing ships is long past. Very few of these glorious old ships have survived into our time. Accompany the world's oldest and biggest three-masted bark still in service, on its journey from Norway to Scotland.

Includes an extract of Heinrich Hauser's movie on the Pamir.
Louis de Rochemont III


Windjammer (On Board the Christian Radich)

The first presentation in Cinemiracle. The record of a training cruise of the full-rigged S/S Christian Radich from Oslo across the Atlantic, through the Carribbean, to New York and back home again.

Crossing the Atlantic, by extraordinary luck, they meet the German training-sail-ship Pamir, later to be lost in an tropical storm. The crew hears of this by radio.
Capt. Johnson, Irvine On barque Peking around Cap Horn. (a sister ship of the Pamir)

Distributed by Mystic Seaport Museum (CT).

Available at South Street Seaport (NY).
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