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Falmouth is a little harbour in Corwall. It is one of the deepest natural harbour in the world.

Falmouth c. 1904, Bar Yard & Grove Place
It served as a meeting point for the square-riggers loaded with australian wheat, as accounted by Alan Viliers (cf. Falmouth for Orders).

Falmouth from the Castle road

Falmouth Bay

Falmouth Bay

The Pamir put there in 1926, 1932, 1933, 1937, 1939, 1949, 1956 and 1957.

Seaside at Falmouth, 1905

Seaside at Falmouth, nowadays

Green Bank Hotel v. 1912

Green Bank Hotel

Green Bank Hotel in the 50's
© Falmouth Library D-133

Pendennis Head

Custom House Quay c. 1954

Bar Creek Boatyard
© RCPS LHG 122-167

Prince of Wales Pier
© Falmouth Library D-76

Bay Hotel

The new seaside road

The Castle

The Castle

The Place

Church Street

The Harbour, 19/09/01

Prince of Wales Pier in winter

The Cutty Sark in the Bay circa 1930

The Harbour


With the Passat in background
1949 © A. Gondesen

At quay 195x (3)

Northern Arm, Falmouth Docks
January 1957? Thanks to Andy Campbell

Leaving Falmouth for Hamburg
02/05/1956 © J. Churchouse

Northern Arm, Docks de Falmouth
January 1957

Northern Arm, Docks de Falmouth
January 1957. Thanks to David Scott-Cowan


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