The Pamir


Ship name Pamir
Launched 1905
Designer Blohm & Voss
Shipyard Blohm & Voss (n 180), Hamburg, Germany
Ordered by Ferdinand Laeisz (n 65)
Flag German
Rigged Four-masted barque
Material Riveted steel
Deck Canaries pitchpine upon steel
Overall length 114,50 m
Length of hull 105,00 m
Deck length 96,34 m
Length bet. perpendiculars 94,48 m
Beam of frames 14,04 m
Beam overall 14,14 m
Height (hull) 8,48 m
Draught max. 7,26 m
Freeboard min. 1,70 m
Depth of hold 7,99 m
Sails 3800 m (34 canvas sails)
Rope 5000 m (steel cable)
Masts Steel masts and yards
Main mast height 51,2 m (over the deck, for the three fore masts)
Breadth main yard 28 m
Breadth royal yard 14 m
Tonnage 4500 DWT
Tonnage register, net 3020 GRT, 2777 NRT
Tonnage after 1951 3103 GRT, 2509 NRT
Crew 28 to 35 men
Engines None until 1951 then 1 diesel Krupp of 900 HP
Speed under sail 13.5 knots max (record 16 knots)
Home port Hamburg, Mariehamn, Hamburg

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