A princess aboard

New Zealand, flag

Under New Zealand flag

Entering King George V Dock
23/12/1947 © (1)
Arrived in December 1947 from Wellington, the Pamir was towed to the heart of London.

The Princess's visit in 1948
© Hulton Getty N° HN9082

Shadwell Basin, near the Thames
The 3rd of March 1948, the Pamir, moored in Shadwell Basin, was visited by Princess Elizabeth (she was crowned in 1953) and Prince Philip of Edinburgh.

03/03/1948 © J. Churchouse

They were welcomed and guided on board by Captain H. S. Collier.

The Captain and the Princess © Hulton Getty N° HN9086

03/03/1948 © J. Churchouse

This visit was filmed by the cinematographic news (see reference (2)).


St Paul's church, Shadwell, 1948

St Paul's church, Shadwell, 1948

The Pathe Newsreel (2)

Shadwell Basin

Princess Elizabeth and Prince
Philip visit New Zealand ship
Pamir in London Docks.

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The Movietone Newsreel (3)

Shadwell Basin

Princess and Duke
aboard Pamir

Ref. 49941


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