San Francisco



The Golden Gate bridge (5)
San Francisco, California, is located at the gate of a large bay, crossed by the famous Golden Gate.

The built-up area includes more than 1,6 millions inhabitants and has spawned over the surrounding hills.

It is an important harbor, an industrial (oil refinery, shipyard and cars) and service (finance, resort) place.

On the other side of the bay, the harbor and city of Oakland are facing her.

It is also a place of culture: university (Berkeley), art (european, american, asian; modern...) and natural history museums.

Alone in the bay, the Alcatraz penitentiary is now out of service.

The Pamir made five voyages there from Wellington
under New Zealand flag between 1942 and 1945.

The Golden Gate bridge (6)

The Golden Gate bridge, 1937 (1)

The Golden Gate bridge(3)

The Golden Gate lighthouse (6)

The Golden Gate bridge (6)

The Oakland Bay Bridge (5)

Embarcadero (6)

North Point St. (6)

Treasure Island (6)

Alcatraz (6)

Fisherman Wharf and the Balclutha (6)

Alamo Square

Chinatown (3)

Bank of America, 1943 (2)

Powell Street (3)

Cable car, Sacramento St, 1941 (1)

The bay at the beginning of the XXth c.

Cable car (3)

The harbour (7)

Alcatraz in the 30's (2)

The bay and the Mount Tamalpais (7)


(V) Leaving the bay, 10/01/1945
© J. Churchouse

(I) Arrival at San Francisco, 27 May 1942
© J. Churchouse

(I) Stanley Orr (at the helm) & Ake Liewendahl
1942 © J. Churchouse

(II) Radio broadcast on board, March 1943
© J. Churchouse

(II) Set sails, end of towage by Sea Scout
27 March 1943 © J. Churchouse

The movie of Norman Walding - Aboard the Pamir (1942-1944)


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