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Gravesend is a small village of Kent upon the Thames.

Gravesend, 1935 © Hulton Getty N° HJ1511

St Georges Church (1)

The Pamir put there in December 1947 to take onboard an official delegation for her voyage to London, coming from Wellington.

Statue of Pocahontas (2)

The indian Princess Pocahontas (8) is buried in the St Georges Church at Gravesend.

Gravesend, St Andrew (4) Ref. AA001143

She was bringing a cargo of wool and 64 cases of clothes for european refugees.

The Thames at Gravesend (4) Ref. AA001145

The Thames at Gravesend (5)

Theatre (†), 1950 © Getty HK8910

St Georges (10)

Clarendon Hotel (2)

Promenade (6)

Pier (7)

The Thames, 1950 © Getty N° HP8046

Town Pier (9)

Sea Training College (11)

St Georges Church

St Andrew (old) (1)

St Andrew (Museum) (1)


Leaving London bound for Antwerp, 04/1948


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