The bay of Iquique

Iquique, as well as Antofagasta, has been the main export base for the chilean nitrate at the turn of the century.

Iquique harbor in 1908

In the years 1890, numerous ships took this route: they could be one hundred loading at Iquique...

Le port d'Iquique en 1918 (1)

In 1907, the nitrate miners rebelled against the poor working conditions.

Iquique at the beginning of the century

18000 miners and their families walked toward the port of Santa Maria de Iquique. The 21 december, the army shoot the camp and killed 2000 miners and injured many others. This incident marks the starting point of organised strikes in Chile.

Iquique in 1863
The german shipping company Ferdinand Laeisz used sailing ships on this route until the outbreak of the second World War.

The Iquique beach

The artificial nitrate, invented by the germans during the first World War, became a serious competitor of the chilean nitrate.

Iquique at the beginning of the century

Square Arturo Prat, 1901 (2)
The final stroke came with the world recession in 1930, which ended in a few months an adventure of almost fifty years...

The last nitrate clipper loaded and left with no return.

The harbour of Iquique in 1925

Iquique is now an ordinary... beach and seaside resort.

The harbour of Iquique

Iquique (3)


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