Port Victoria


Port Victoria

Port Victoria circa 1933

Port Victoria was one of the australian grain loading points, distributed along the Spencer Gulf, situated on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia.

The jetty

The jetty was built in 1888.

The village
The last windjammer to load there was the Passat in 1949.

The jetty and the Museum

Now, it is a little touristic place with 250 inhabitants, where a geological trail shaws the volcanic history.

Port Victoria © Åland Sjofarts Museum

A museum recalls the history and the wrecks of the region.

Port Victoria 1949 (Ref.)

Captains Ivar Hagerstrand (Passat) &
Verner Björkfelt (Pamir) - Port Victoria 1949

The Pamir put there in 1932/33 (), 1933/34 (), 1935/36 (), 1938/39 (), and 1949 (), for her last passage with William Stark.

The sacks of grain

The sacks of grain

Loading the grain

On the jetty

The jetty

The jetty

The sacks transportation (6)

The wheat

The jetty

The jetty (2)


The jetty

The jetty

The pines



The Pub


Street lamp (1)

The jetty (1a)

The Pub (6a)

Welcome (3)


The Pamir with the Passat, 28/05/1949 (6)

The Passat from the Pamir, 28/05/1949 (Ref.)

Under Finnish Flag, 1949 (Ref.)

Captain Verner Björkfelt, 1949 (Ref.)

Unloading ballast, P. Victoria, 1949 (Ref.)

Loading the grain, P. Victoria, 1949 (6)

Loading the grain, P. Victoria, 1949 (6)

Loading the grain, P. Victoria, 1949 (6)

The Pamir, Port Victoria, 1949 (Ref.)

Port Victoria 1949 (7)

Port Victoria 1949 (7b)

Leaving, Port Victoria, 28/05/1949 (6)

Port Victoria, 1949 (Ref.)

Port Victoria, 1949 (Ref.)


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