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Southampton is situated at the beginning of the Solent mouth, in the south of England.

The Mauretania, 19/10/32, © Hulton Getty JB6979

Southampton was the main port for maritime links toward USA, notably for the Titanic.

The Queen Mary in Southampton, 03/37
© Hulton Getty HV1181

© A Pictorial History of Southampton Docks, Bert Moodie

The Pamir unloaded australian wheat there in June 1939, bound from Port Victoria, after a stop in Falmouth. She then lied up in Gothenburg (Sweden).

The Queen Mary in drydock

Southampton Docks, 06/1930
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The Queen Mary, 1935
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Docks, 1935, © Hulton Getty HQ0134

A liner, 20/06/28
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The Queen Mary, 27/03/36
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Train Southern Railway & Queen Mary
war colours, quay 44, April 1946 (1)

The Titanic memorial c. 1913

Train Southern Railway in front of the
Queen Elizabeth, May 1964 (1)

The Titanic, 1912
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The Titanic memorial c. 1913

The Titanic, 1912
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The Solent

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The Pamir at Southampton, 06/1939

The Solent

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