Germany, flag

The firsts german crews (1905-1931)

The crew of the Pamir in 1913 at Antwerp (Dr. J. Meyer)
Few documents and pictures remain about the crews of the Pamir before 1931, as the archives of the shipowner Laeisz have burnt during WWII.

Speed measure with Loch, 1912 (Dr. J. Meyer)

Seamen of the Pamir, Helmut Grubbe (second from right),
later Captain of the Passat, 1924-1925 (H. Hirschfield)

Fortunately, a journalist, Heinrich Hauser, could embark in 1930 for a story on board.

Santa Cruz de la Palma (1914-1920)

The crew in front of the Pamir at Santa Cruz

First Officer, Peter Kleist, and
Second Officer, W. Rottmann

Captain Max Jürgen Heinrich Jürs
Santa Cruz, 1914-1920

Captain Jürs reviews a sail cut
with his sailmaker, 1914

Captain Carl Martin Brockhöft (1926-1929)

First Officer Hans Kramer and
Captain Brockhöft 1926-1929

Passing the line
Ref. Pamir Eigel Wiese

Ref. Pamir Eigel Wiese

Captain Robert Clauß (1929-1930)

Robert Clauß, 1930, Hauser's movie

Robert Clauß, 1930, Hauser's movie

Robert Clauß, 1930, Hauser's movie

Heinrich Hauser's movie (1929-1930)

Pull for shore!

Siesta over the waves

The sailmaker looks up at his world

The second helmsman


Man at the wheel

At the braces near Cape Horn

Men aloft

Awaiting orders from above

Youngsters in the jib-net

Angling for strange fishes

Sewing sails

Rope around capstan

Drying gear

Drying gear

Fore mast and jibs

Fore mast and jibs

Working on the yard-arm



Climbing the shrouds

Finland, flag

The Finnish Crews (1931-1939)

New Zealand, flag

The New Zealand Crews (1939-1948)

Finland, flag

The Finnish Crews after 1948

Germany, flag

The Last Crew

The Pamir